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Efflorescence is a white crystalline deposit that is composed of salts, lime and/or other minerals. These deposits may become visible on many types of building surfaces such as concrete, stucco, grout, masonry, brick, natural stone, clay, ceramic tile. This can be removed by one of our highly trained members of the team, indoors as well as out.

Natural stone floors, especially in high traffic commercial areas, become dull and lose their shine. When the sediment and grit (sand that people bring on their shoes) start eroding the stone’s crystals, the foot pressure forces the sediment lying on the surface to cause an abrasion and fracturing of the delicate crystals of the stone.

The only safe and proper way to restore the crystals natural ability to reflect light evenly and provide a brilliant shine, is to re-hone & re-polish them.  The polish is restored using polishing compounds. This unique, user friendly compound is used to polish, restore and maintain worn marble, travertine, limestone, agglomerates and other calcium-containing materials.

With certain types of natural stone it is normal for holes, chips or cracks to appear after a certain period of time.  Holes most commonly occur on filled, polished travertine surfaces and may develop in some other materials as well. 

This stone, by nature, is full of holes and it can be purchased filled or unfilled depending on the client’s preference.  When your travertine loses fill, the area immediately around the hole no longer has physical support and becomes much more susceptible to further damage. 

Additionally, the hole left by the missing fill will take on water, cleaning solution, dirt, or whatever else falls into it. This will eventually result in spalling microbial growth, and internal damage to the stone.  With this in mind, it is important to ensure they are fully repaired as soon as possible.

stone cleaning exampleWe used Bulletproof Grime Remover, for this job. For more information or to purchase stone care products visit, www.prodirecttiling.co.uk